BREAKING: Radical Democrat Lawmaker Facing Years In Prison, Expulsion From Congress After Dangerous Stunt

On Saturday, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) made a desperate move in order to attempt to delay a vote on the House floor for a 45-day continuing resolution to fund the government. The Democrat lawmaker pulled the fire alarm in order to force an evacuation of the Cannon office building and thus allow Democrats more time to read the stopgap measure.

Bowman was caught on camera by Capitol Police pulling the alarm near an entrance thus forcing all staff, lawmakers, and other persons inside the building to evacuate. His efforts, however, seemingly were without consequence given that the House passed the 45-day spending measure on a vote of 335 to 91. The bill will now head to the Senate where the likelihood of a shutdown seems minimal.

This has prompted many to point out that pulling the fire alarm is against the law, more specifically it is a violation of 1512(c)(2) obstruction of an official proceeding.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to X/Twitter to notify the public that she is calling upon the Department of Justice to bring charges. If Bowman is held to the same standards as the January 6th rioters, then he could face months if not years in prison.

"Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled the fire alarm in the Cannon building this afternoon and interrupted the official proceedings of the House as Republicans worked to keep the government open," she wrote. "I’m calling on the DOJ to prosecute him using the same law they used to prosecute J6 defendants for interfering with an official proceeding."

"The Democrats literally will do anything to shut OUR government down because billions aren’t going to their favorite country: Ukraine," Greene added.

The Capitol Police released a photo of Bowman in the act which has led lawmakers and conservative influencers to call for his arrest.

In response to the backlash, Bowman's spokeswoman Emma Simon said, “Congressman Bowman did not realize he would trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote. The Congressman regrets any confusion.”

Reportedly, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) is working up a resolution to expel Bowman following the incident. Speaker McCarthy has also directed the House Ethics Committee to look into the matter.

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“Congressman Bowman did not realize he would trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote. The Congressman regrets any confusion.” How friggin stupid do they think we are? Fire alarms say right on it "In Case Of Fire Pull" Suddenly this clown Bowman doesn't know what a fire alarm is? Kick that assmunch to the curb! I think we've had enough of the Commiecrat tricks.


Just can't help himself, crime is in his blood. Hate me all you want, prove me wrong, and I'll start caring. What a HUGE IDIOT! Whatever college gave him a degree, should rescind it immediately. I hope he gets years in prison, what a moron.


A FIRE ALARM ? Burn his ass !!


He needs at least 22 years like they gave the pride boys, no more two tierd justice!!

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