BREAKING: Lori Lightfoot Finally Ousted in Chicago, Meet Her Replacement

On Tuesday evening, the people of Chicago finally elected a new mayor after multiple years under Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s leadership or lack thereof. The race to replace Lightfoot was incredibly close between the two candidates.

Lightfoot initially lost the first round of the election in late February with a contested field of nine different candidates, however, only a few garnered over ten percent of the vote. 

The runoff election was between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson for the mayor’s mansion in the Windy City. Ultimately, Johnson defeated Vallas for the mayor’s office.

Vallas, who won 32 percent in the first round, is a former public school executive who is more conservative on education and has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of the Police given his law and order stance.


“It’s been a great campaign. It’s certainly been exhilarating,” Vallas said on election day, as reported by ABC7 Chicago. “And I’ve, you know, I like to think that I’ve, I’ve focused on the issues that are important to Chicagoans and the issues that Chicagoans can unite around, like public safety, quality schools, and issues like equity and affordability.”

Brandon Johnson, who secured 21 percent in the initial contest, is a country commissioner who has been endorsed by the Chicago Teachers’ Union. He is known to be a far-left progressive.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the results tonight and I can’t wait to be the next mayor or the city of Chicago,” Johnson said Tuesday.

In the runoff election, Vallas secured 48.6 percent of the vote and Johnson received 51.4 percent support with 99 percent of votes in as of this report, according to the Sun Times.

Reportedly, up to 1,000 Chicago police officers could resign given Johnson’s election, a bad sign for a city already overrun by crime.

Now that Lightfoot has finally been ousted from office, the people of Chicago will have new leadership. With the election of Johnson, however, it is unlikely that the city will get any safer under his progressive leadership.

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