BREAKING: New Energy Department Report Reveals Shocking Findings About Covid-19 Origins

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal published a story that reported that senior members of the White House and Congress have received a report from the U.S. Department of Energy that concluded that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

The Journal wrote that the “U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak, according to a classified intelligence report recently provided to the White House and key members of Congress.”

The ‘Lab Leak Theory’ as it came to be known at the start of the pandemic was routinely blasted by the left-wing media as being ‘misinformation’ and a ‘conspiracy theory.’ It would appear, however, that supporters of the theory are finally vindicated.

The origins of Covid-19 are still up in the air amongst the intelligence community, however. Thus far both the FBI and the Energy Department have concluded that its origin was manmade, however, four other agencies argue that it evolved naturally.

The Energy Department reportedly made their assessment with “low confidence,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The FBI, however, maintains with “moderate confidence” that the origins of Covid-19 came from the Wuhan lab.


These new findings come after Americans were censored repeatedly by social media companies and journalists for sharing the theory as one explanation for the virus’s origins.

“Now that the U.S. Department of Energy has joined the FBI in concluding that the coronavirus likely leaked from a lab, it’s worth remembering that the media, en masse, condemned the lab leak theory as a “debunked conspiracy theory,” and Facebook censored people who dared suggest it,” wrote Michael Shellenberger on Twitter. 

“The lab leak theory was never outlandish. Scientists in 2015 openly worried one would create a pandemic,” he continued. “‘An experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat coronavirus … has triggered debate over whether engineering viruses with pandemic potential is worth the risks.'”

The new finding finally vindicates the millions of Americans, Republican politicians, and others who concluded that the coronavirus stemmed from an unsecured lab in Wuhan, China. If true, the American government and the world should hold China accountable for its lackluster security and neglect that led to millions of deaths around the globe.

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