BREAKING: President Trump Issues New Statement on ‘Soros Backed’ Alvin Bragg As Indictment Looms

On Tuesday evening, 45th President Donald Trump issued a new statement on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) who is, as multiple media reports indicate, contemplating indicting Trump for a campaign finance violation stemming from a $130,000 non-disclosure agreement in 2016. 

“Reports, and almost everybody, says, even after in-depth legal study and review, that there was NO CRIME, NO AFFAIR, NO BOOKKEEPING ERROR OR MISDEMEANOR, NO ‘NOTHING,’ OTHER THAN NOW PROVEN LIES BY MICHAEL COHEN, A CONVICTED FELON AND PERJURER, AND THE STRONG LIKELIHOOD OF AN EXTORTION PLOT AGAINST ME. So, after getting CRUSHED yesterday by Cohen’s highly respected attorney, with the case against me FULLY DISPROVEN, why is the D.A. searching for yet another ‘witness?'” Trump asked, adding, “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!”

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Bob Costello, Cohen’s former legal advisor, took to the stand on Monday in front of the grand jury. Costello was only asked about six emails pertaining to his relationship with Cohen, however, throughout his testimony, he inserted additional information that he thought the jury should know.

Following his testimony, he told the press the following: “The only thing I’m doing is trying to tell the truth to the grand jurors because I read all these lies in the media that are being promoted by one side,” Costello said. “Listen if they want to go after Donald Trump and they have solid evidence, so be it. But Michael Cohen is far from solid evidence.”

“I wouldn’t have touched a guy like Michael Cohen, especially if he’s a convicted perjurer,” added the former deputy chief of the criminal division in the Southern District of New York.


“There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Michael Cohen has great difficulty telling the truth,” Costello explained, as reported by Fox News Digital. “He is, after all a convicted perjurer, and our track record with Mr. Cohen convinced us that he was a serial liar.”

“As might be expected, Mr. Cohen’s lies were always uttered in a way that was beneficial to himself,” Costello explained. “When it was in Mr. Cohen’s personal self-interest, he was capable of telling the truth, but those occasions were few and far between.” 

In addition to attacking the credibility of the case against him, Trump also noted the failures of D.A. Bragg, writing, “How can a highly controversial, George Soros backed District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who presides over one of the most crime-ridden, violent, and dangerous Cities in the U.S., with no retribution toward these heinous criminals, bring charges against the 45th, and quite possibly the 47th, President of the United States, who received more votes than any sitting President in history, over 75,000,000, and who is currently leading all candidates, by a lot, when there is NO CRIME OF ANY KIND???”

As noted by the DC Enquirer, Bragg has been exposed as being funded by a group supported by far-left billionaire George Soros.

The Color of Change PAC, the “nation’s largest online racial justice organization”, which was given $1 million in May 2021 from Soros, gave $1 million to Bragg but later pulled back half of their donation.

While the case against President Trump is on shaky legal ground and D.A. Bragg is infamous for his lackluster enforcement of the law in New York, Trump, per a report from The Daily Mail, is likely to be indicted on Wednesday.

If indicted, this would be one of the biggest political witch hunts in American history.

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