BREAKING: RNC Release Impressive AI-Made Ad In Response To Joe Biden’s Reelection Announcement

On Tuesday morning, the Republican National Committee released a new ad made completely with artificial intelligence, the first on its kind, in response to Joe Biden’s reelection announcement.

The ad begins with a hypothetical victory of Biden in 2024 and shares AI created images of a Biden victory with the video saying, “What if the weakest president we’ve ever had were re-elected?”

“This morning an emboldened China invades Taiwan,” the narrator says with images of fighter jets and explosions in Taipei. “What if international tensions escalate?”

“Financial markets are in free fall as 500 regional banks have shuttered their doors,” the narrator continues, clearly harkening back to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this year. “What if financial systems crumble?”

“Border agents were overrun with a surge of 80,000 illegals yesterday evening,” the hypothetical newscaster said with images of border agents and migrants being shown with the caption “What if our border is gone?”


“Officials closed the city of San Francisco this morning, citing the escalating crime and fentanyl crisis,” the ad says with the caption “What if crime worsens?”

“Who’s in charge here?” the ad asks with an image of Biden at the Resolute Desk. “It feels like the train is coming off the track.”

The groundbreaking ad is the first ever to be 100 percent AI generated with Axios National Political Correspondent Alex Thompson saying, “It is also the committee’s first video that is 100% generated by AI software meant to create images that look and feel real (in this case an imagined dystopia look at the future of Biden wins).”

“Why it matters: AI-generated images are disrupting art, journalism, and now politics,” he explained. “The 2024 election is poised to be the first election with ads full of images generated by modern Artificial Intelligence software.”

The impressive new technology showcases how AI can be used to influence political elections and it will only be utilized more as the campaign ramps up.

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