BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reveals Federal Agents Were In January 6th Crowd According To DC Capitol Police Chief

On Friday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined Russell Brand for his first interview following his departure from his former network.

During the interview, Carlson made a shocking revelation that federal agents were in the crowd during the January 6th Capitol Riot, a fact that Carlson claimed repeatedly while hosting his show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' at Fox.

"I had no thought in my head as I watched this happen on television and in the subsequent weeks that US law enforcement or military agents... had anything to do with it," Carlson began. "That never crossed my mind. I never thought that it was a false flag or anything like that. I'm not a conspiracist by temperament. I never thought that."

"And then I interviewed the chief of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, in an interview that was never aired on Fox by the way. I was fired before it could air. I'm going to interview him again," the conservative host explained. "But Steven Sund was the totally non-political, worked for Nancy Pelosi. This was not some right-wing activist. He was the chief of the Capitol Police on January 6th."

"He said, 'Oh yeah, that crowd was filled with federal agents.' What? Yes. Well, he would know of course because he was in charge of security at the site," Carlson explained.

This isn't the first time that Tucker Carlson has blown up the mainstream narrative about the January 6th riot. During his show earlier this year, the primetime host was allowed access to thousands of hours of January 6th footage by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

With that footage, the Fox host and his team were able to usurp the Democrat narrative about a number of incidents including the details around Jacob Chansley and the level of preparedness and security at the Capitol on that day.

Given Carlson's track record on bringing the facts to the distorted January 6th narrative, his reveal of federal agents being in the crowd is not something to be taken likely. Americans still deserve answers on what happened on that day irrespective of the narrative that the Democrat Party attempts to craft.

One person that clearly has interest in going after the facts is Twitter CEO Elon Musk who wrote, "Would be interesting to hear from the chief of police."

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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Janos Kummer/Getty Images / Getty Images
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