Burger King Makes A ‘Pride Whopper’ For June with Bizarre Bun Configuration

Burger King is known for one thing and one thing only — making fast-food burgers. Many people enjoy these burgers. Many others do not. But at the end of the day, you know what you came for when you step into the restaurant — the consumption of fast food.

No one has ever stepped into a Burger King to be lectured on social justice. But perhaps Burger King knows something we do not. They have a woke marketing strategy that will surely turn heads.  They have gone woke, and as you know, everything that turns woke inevitably goes broke.

Burger King is not the only company to place social justice messaging on its products. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a company this June that has not catered their advertising to Pride Month — a month-long celebration of the LGBT community. It is the name of the game, so to speak. And we can expect similar marketing in the years ahead.

Of course, the messaging is inherently divisive. There is no social consensus on gay marriage and transgenderism. Only 14 years ago, the Democrat platform — yes, even the current President– was against gay marriage for instance.  So, for a company like Burger King to promote LGBT burgers, that is both a perplexing moral message and an equally perplexing business decision.

But that is a business decision they have made. In a stunning turn of events, Burger King Austria has created a ‘Pride Whopper’. What is the defining difference between the Pride Whopper and the regular whopper, you might ask? Well, as the New York Post reports:

“Last week, the fast-food chain unveiled a “Pride whopper,” which consists of the same ingredients as the chain’s regular burger, but with “two equal buns.”

By design, it means burger fiends can get their sandwiches with either two top halves or two bottom halves.”

Ummm, what was that? ‘Time to be proud’? Of what — ordering an unhealthy sandwich that looks absolutely bizarre and out of sorts? I’ll pass.

To think, someone was paid to come up with that monstrous idea. In fact, someone high up in the company had to have okayed it, probably with jubilation. The more troubling fact is that these corporate wokesters are the ones lecturing us on how to live our life. As for myself, I will stick with a Big Mac.

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