Candace Owens Demonstrates With Facts And Logic That Democrats Are Losing The Hearts And Minds Of Black Voters

Candace Owens has been in the spotlight for some time. The black Daily Wire host has never been quiet. She has never been content to let the moment fade away. She makes her voice heard with the fire and fury we have come to expect from the best of our leaders. And boy are we glad she is anything but bashful.

That level of vigor and seriousness showed itself again, this time in a full-fledged attack on the Democrat race-baiting machine — which has been an effective, albeit racist, way of attempting to hold the black vote in their favor. But minds are changing. Joe Biden can no longer say if you do not vote for him you “ain’t black”. Soon there may be a day when black voices like Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas are household names.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is not working for anyone. It has failed to gain the hearts and minds of Americans. He has not effectively challenged the COVID-19 pandemic. He has not protected our freedoms in the fight against the virus. The economy stinks, we are getting punished overseas by our enemies, and punished domestically at our gas pumps.

More notably, Joe Biden has consistently attacked the achievements of President Trump. But Biden has effectively done nothing as the President in his short time in power. He cares more about social engineering and mandates than freedom and morality. America is at her best when her people have their consciences the most intact. And Biden’s Presidency has been a trainwreck on the collective conscience of America.

Americans are tired of Biden. And that includes Black Americans. Candace Owens has been a conservative for some time. But she has direct access to the changes occurring in the Black Community. And they are not good for the Democrats! As quoted by the New York Post:

“Black America is wising up to [Democrat failures] and the question now is whether or not it is too late,” said conservative commentator Candace Owens, noting that “every single metric is worse for Black America under a Biden presidency than under a Trump presidency,”

She continues by stressing the relationship between illegal immigration and the black social conscious:

“I think that the sharp decline in support [for Democrats] correlates directly with the Administration’s effort to create a sharp incline in importing Hispanics over the border,” said Owens. “The black vote is being threatened.”

Illegal immigration hurts everyone. It makes the black community feel left behind as a significant demographic group for the Democrat Party. If what Candace says is true, the Democrats could be in for a shellacking in 2022 and 2024. Owens ends by noting:

 “It took a long time, but black people are awake.”

That much is looking to be true. And for their own sake, we are happy to see it.

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