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Most Americans have at one point or another been personally affected by cancer, and that is no different for the DeSantis family. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has kept his wife Casey’s fight with breast cancer fairly private, focusing more on issues directly related to Florida, but he has at certain times allowed details regarding his wife’s cancer journey out. DeSantis was asked at an event in Union County earlier this month how the first lady was doing, and his reply was “It’s a medical issue for the family which you know is generally a private thing.” He also mentioned that she was “Not out of the woods yet.” His response was overall hopeful, but lacked specific details.

Gov. DeSantis announced yesterday at an event in Hardee County, Fl that the first lady has officially completed Chemotherapy. As most Americans know completing chemotherapy is no easy task, and DeSantis praised his wife publicly for her victory. He went on to say that she will still need other treatments, but she is officially done with the chemotherapy portion of her cancer treatment. He ended his speech by saying, “I just wanted to let everyone know that she got through that, she ran that gauntlet, and she’s doing well. We look forward to having good news over the ensuing weeks and months.”


The governor’s message has been a relief for the many Americans who have been rooting for Florida’s first lady and will fill the nation with excitement for what comes next. The DeSantis family is surely one to have an eye on as Ron DeSantis continues to prove himself to be the real deal. One could even argue that Casey’s cancer fight has even made Ron DeSantis more lovable. So many Americans have been affected by cancer in their own lives. It’s always good to see a governor care, and his treatment of his wife during her hard time is one to admire.