WATCH: Defiant Catholic Nun Stands Up to DC Mandates on Live TV

This nun was having none of it! The mandates which have been in place for the better part of two years, especially in blue states, are completely uncalled for. They violate basic human rights. America is a country that values freedom, not a country that values tyranny. The Blue states pushing mandates are having an identity crisis. They defend America and her norms. And yet, they still want to violate them nearly two years into the pandemic. Democrat control has that paradoxical, indeed irrational, effect.

Of course, this says nothing about the efficacy of masking or vaccinations. One could be pro-vaccine and anti-mandate — although in this case, the line is blurred. Freedom of conscience reigns supreme in the spiritual and moral realm. The Spiritual Health of a person is just as important, indeed more important, than their physical health. For whatsoever is not of faith is sin for that person. As a society, it is not good for us to force our citizenry to act against the dictates of conscience. And one can say this while lauding the vaccine for its efficacy.

A Catholic nun, Sister Deirdre Byrne,  recently went on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle and talked about a DC vaccine mandate that violates her conscience. The nun is herself a Surgeon and Practioner.  She is suing Washington DC for violating her basic freedoms — not granting her religious exemption. What she said on the interview needs to be heard. Conscience is very important in Catholic theology. To force her to sin is neither right nor good. Sister Deirdre Byrne was joined by her lawyer, Chris Ferrara from the Thomas More Society. He defended her admirably. The nun objects to the use of aborted stem cells in the research leading up to the creation of the three FDA-certified vaccines.

Whatever you think of that objection, we can all agree she should not be attacked for her belief or forced to act against the dictates of her conscience. Her Lawyer praised her as the “Saint Mother Teressa” of her area in Washington D.C. She is an accomplished practitioner and military veteran — a woman who has care for over 400 COVID patients. Indeed, one might justly contend that she is a true paragon of moral virtue and godly service. A healthy country would praise such a person. Unfortunately for us, America in 2022 is plagued by the Democrat Party, and they will not stop until they have won.

Here is the full video:

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