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A 911 emergency dispatcher in Chicago resigned from his job on Tuesday, following Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) mishandling of spiking violent crime in the city, adding that the “lies and corruption” of local government are severely hindering law enforcement.

“There is no transparency from the city hall here in Chicago and just a very negligent administration. It was just time [for me to resign]. I’m tired of it,” Keith Thornton Jr. said on “Fox & Friends First.”

“It’s a very bittersweet week for me. But with no leadership, I’ve said this over and over, with no transparency from the city hall here in Chicago. It’s just a very negligent administration,” he continued. “It was just time. I’m tired of it. I can talk the talk like many people do, or I can walk the walk and I’ve decided to do that so I can be more of an advocate and get my voice out there more to make Chicago what it needs to be.” 

When asked why the far-left mayor refuses to tackle the crime surge head-on, the former dispatcher replied, “Her ego is bigger than the crime level here in Chicago.”

Thornton Jr. added, “She gets on the TV with her media with her meetings with the superintendent of police here and every week they say the stats are down with violent crime and homicides. Listen, being on the other side of the radio as a dispatcher in Chicago, this is nonsense.”

In 2021, the city saw a staggering 797 homicides alone, per NBC Chicago — reaching a 25-year high. The year 2020 had 770 homicides which were reportedly up 50 percent compared to 2019. The city is now set to surpass 600 homicides by the end of 2022, according to a report by WTTW.

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The Chicago Police Department made arrests in only 12 percent of reported crimes last year, representing the lowest rate since 2001, amid a skyrocketing crime wave which has seen the authorities pull back almost entirely.

When asked how crime has changed for Chicago residents, Thornton Jr. explained it’s something that’s always been rampant in the Windy City, “but it has never been to the point under the direct leadership of Mayor Lightfoot.”

“We’re supposed to tell these citizens a bunch of fluff, nonsense, that they have resources and police coming to the scene and there are hours and hours before we can actually get a lot of these officers to many of the scenes throughout the entire city,” he said. 

“It’s getting worse and worse and it’s tiring just going through this. People getting car jacked, people getting shot and killed. It is nonstop,” the former dispatcher proclaimed. “She is out of control and she’s not focusing on the safety and the public well-being of her citizens. It is trash.”

Crimes in the city of Chicago has hit the ceiling in the past two years since the “Black Lives Matter” == and “Defund the Police” — movements swept across American cities.

While residents are experiencing the consequences of these radical policies, America’s police are caught in the middle — as the people they swore to protect are caught in the crossfire, and left out to dry by the Democrat politicians who promised to keep them safe. 

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