WATCH: Chicago Community Furious Over Proposed Plan To House Migrants In Their Community As City Is Overwhelmed

Last Thursday, Chicago city residents were up in arms over the mass amounts of migrants being brought into the city, with citizens complaining about putting migrants' importance over the residents of the city. 

At a recent meeting discussing the migrants being brought into South Shore, members of the community screamed in protest of the decision to turn a former high school within the area into a temporary migrant shelter, according to WTTW. The members of the community arrived in droves to the meeting, insisting that the abandoned high school instead be made into a reserved community space. 

The high school was intended to house up to 500 migrants while they looked for proper shelters to home them. City officials attempted to emphasize that the high school would only be a place for the migrants to rest, shower, and eat before being given a proper shelter to stay. The point did not ease the citizens of the area. 

One angry attendee asked “Where is the money coming from? Migrants don’t pay taxes. I understand helping people but you have to start with your own home. Why don’t we have those resources with what’s happening here?”

Residents continued to press questions on how many people would be coming, and how long they would be staying in the community. Residents also questioned how the massive number of migrants being brought in would affect the already high crime rate of the neighborhood. The community members also pointed to the lack of resources that the city has for investment and programming in youth and adults.

The panel continued to try to soothe the irate citizens' concerns, saying that the migrant shelters would have 24/7 police monitoring and the city would be partnering with programs to handle activities for children and classes for adults. 

The citizens ultimately vehemently rejected the idea, with one resident stating, “While this crisis may constitute an emergency for the city of Chicago, it does not constitute an emergency for the South Shore community.” The statement was met with roaring applause from the meeting attendees. 
The meeting barely proceeded, with city officials constantly being interrupted by the justifiably angry members of the community. 

The South Shore citizens have every right to be upset. The area has been consistently underfunded by the city of Chicago in favor of high-end communities. Now when the city of Chicago is in crisis, they expect the citizens in South Shore to roll over for them. 

Unless the city of Chicago wants to provide aid first to the citizens of South Shore, the move is wholly unjust. Chicago needs to learn to put its citizens before the needs of illegal migrants from other countries. Until that time comes, there will likely be consistent push-back from the communities within the city. 
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