WATCH: Elementary-Aged Children Scream for Joy As Mask Mandates Are Removed

Schools have come to the forefront of the political debate lately. Parents all over the country are rightly angered over the fact that their children are being forced to wear masks while trying to learn. However, the recent political pushback (and midterms coming up) have caused Democrats to rethink their diehard advocacy of masking low risk children. This was certainly the case in Nevada.

The governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, made the move to end the mask mandate for the entire state. Sisolak said in a press release Thursday, “The State will no longer require masks in public places, but employers and organizations, including school districts, may set their own policies, and I encourage them to work with their employees and communities to ensure that policies are in place.” Now that the mandate has been lifted, Nevadans have been given back their personal liberty and are now able to make their own medical decisions.

When this news hit a Las Vegas school district, elementary-aged children erupted in cheers of sheer joy. Thankfully, it was caught on video and is now going viral. Those who forced small children to wear masks in the first place should be ashamed of themselves. Shame on the governors who put these mandates in place. Shame on the school districts for enforcing these cruel measures. Shame on the individuals who sat idly by while children were being deprived of normal human interaction.

As the video hit social media, some prominent individuals took to Twitter to comment on the video. Robby Starbuck, a congressional candidate from Tennessee had this to say:

Congressman Thomas Massie took to Twitter as well saying: “Heartwarming, but the abuse they’ve endured at the hands of psychotic adults will have lifelong effects.”

Unfortunately, this is reality. These children have suffered greatly, and the psychological effects will likely be lasting. The reaction these children gave off says it all. Children do not want to wear them. Children are only scared when the adults that they trust tell them to be afraid. On their own, they are happy to go along with life unobstructed.

Thankfully, in the state of Nevada children will finally be afforded some sense of normalcy. In other words, basic human rights will finally be restored for children.

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