Chilling New Meme Shows Us The Future The Left Wants and It’s Devastating

The Left is systematically working to destroy all of our beloved institutions. Their hypocrisy while doing so consistently astounds. From the electoral college to the nuclear family, the Left does not believe in the foundational principles upon which America was built. They work to subvert, and they will not rest until America is finished. All the while, they live comfortable lives, unaffected by their radical and destructive policies. From BLM proponents buying multi-million-dollar mansions to Gavin Newsom not following his own health guidance, the Left has shown themselves to be both dishonest and destructive.

On the other hand, former President Donald Trump supported the freedom of all Americans to make the health decisions that worked best for them. Trump was not anti-mask or anti-mandate. He endorsed both measures within reason, and he helped to get the vaccine into the hands of millions with Operation Warp Speed. Biden and the Democrats do not trust the ability of your average American to assess their own health risks and the health risks of their children. Indeed, the Left believes children are essentially the federal government’s property. The federal government determines what is suitable for your children — not you. If the school board wants to push mask mandates on your children, contrary to your wishes, the Left will automatically side with the board. The Left’s attitude on this issue extends everywhere, from masking to education. They do not believe you should have a say in much of anything.

The thing is, the Left knows better. They do not care about the kids, masking, or any policies they legislate. They want you to follow these rules, but they show no evidence they heed the rules they push. They promote critical race theory while being racist themselves — Biden, for instance, claiming black conservatives “ain’t black.” They make mask mandates and go maskless themselves.

Simply put, for the Left, it is “rules for thee and not for me.” And the ones who suffer most of all are our children. We hope and pray that the side of truth wins.

This meme displays the genuine attitude of the Left towards masking. It is clear as day, and the people are waking up to the inconsistency of those who want to place mandates over you. Here is the meme:

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