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On Thursday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas went before the House Judiciary Committee for the first time. Republican Congressmen took the opportunity to challenge the Secretary on his policies that have fueled the crisis on the southern border.

Most impactful was questioning from Congressman Chip Roy of Texas who lambasted the Secretary over his policies that have led to the deaths of migrants and Americans alike.

Congressman Roy began his questioning of Mayorkas with whether or not the number of people released into the United States would increase or decrease if the Homeland Security budget doubled. Congressman Roy argued it would only lead to more migrants being processed faster thus encouraging increased illegal migration.

The Texas Representative then asked if operational control existed on the southern border. The Secretary responded that there did exist operational control, however, upon this answer, Congressman Roy displayed a definition of operational control and argued that it was lacking under Secretary Mayorkas.

Additionally, Congressman Roy reiterated that Homeland Security has stated that there have been 42 individuals on the terrorist watchlist or no-fly list that have been encountered on the southern border in recent months.

Mayorkas was then asked whether or not migrants are being detained as mandated by the law. Mayorkas stated that the Congressman had the law wrong, but Roy argued that migrants were being released into the country and not returning to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Then Congressman Roy shifted focus to the tangible impacts of the border crisis. He displayed multiple images of mobile morgues, dead migrants, slaughtered livestock, and migrants threatening ranchers in south Texas stating throughout: “somehow that’s compassion.”

Additionally, Congressman Roy showed images of girls with brands on their arms and displayed images of Americans who had died from fentanyl which is often smuggled across the southern border.

The Texas Congressman then finished his remarks with the following indictment of Secretary Mayorkas’ policies: “Your policies, that you know for well encourage the cartels, encourage people to come here, are harming Texas and harming this country. You know it and you are ignoring the actual truth.”

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Watch Chip Roy’s questioning of Secretary Mayorkas: