Hollywood Embarrassed: Woke Doctrine Rejected By Audiences As Chris Pratt’s New Show Crosses 1.6 BILLION Minutes Viewed In STUNNING Rejection Of Liberal PC Industry

Hit Amazon Prime show “The Terminal List,” has been praised widely by audiences — but woke critics continue to malign the beloved series, focused on a Navy SEAL — causing the show’s star Chris Pratt, who is also the author, to speak out.

Pratt posted a story from Daily Mail to his Instagram over the weekend, calling “The Terminal List” the new “Yellowstone” — in reference to the Paramount western which was also attacked by critics.

So far, the show has garnered over 1.6 billion total minutes of viewing time and holds a Rotten Tomatoes rating of only 40/100 by critics. It does, however, also hold a glowing 94/100 from the viewers.

While critics have called it, “the entertainment equivalent of a charred hockey puck, with the same limited range of flavor and aesthetics,” such claims don’t hold up for audiences across America and aboard. 

As Pratt celebrated the show’s success, ” Terminal List” author Jack Carr sat down with Fox News for an interview on Tuesday, to also respond to critics.

“We don’t mention right, left, conservative, liberal. None of those things are even mentioned. And I think the Daily Beast in particular their review was quite mean,” Carr said, in reference to a review that called the show an “unhinged, right-wing revenge fantasy.



“They see an American flag and they get upset. Or they see someone who is competent with weapons and has this certain mindset and holds those in power accountable for their actions and they just kind of lose it a little bit,” he explained.

“The critics are not big fans of this, but the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 94-95 percent, and it’s the number two streaming show across all of television right now,” the former Navy SEAL said, adding the show only fell second to Netflix’s mass hit, “Stranger Things.”

“We really didn’t make it for critics and what was important to me…was that we made something that would speak to those members of the military who went down range over the last 20 years so they could sit down, they could watch this show, and they could say ‘wow, these guys put in the work and they made a show that speaks to me,'” Carr continued.

“Just because there’s not this woke stuff that’s shoved into it, then it’s perceived by critics at least as not promoting their agenda so they’re going to hate it…In some of their reviews, they compared it to a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag and I thought that it was very interesting that they had to go back to the 1700s to take the side of the British in their reviews. More than one cited the American flag in a negative way in their reviews and also interesting to me is that the American flags in this show were mostly draped over coffins,” the author concluded.

It seems when Hollywood decides to actually make movies Americans love — ones that aren’t ashamed of the country like “Top Gun: Maverick” and TV shows like “The Terminal List” — they succeed with the public on a massive scale. 

Such films and shows are a testament to how productions rooted in patriotism can bring in viewership, money and a newfound respect for this politically correct, tone-deaf industry. 

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