Former Clinton Aide Has A Dire Warning For Dems

Mark Penn, a polling company CEO, longtime Clinton advisor, and chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, has a dire warning for Democrats.

In an op-ed for the New York Times Monday, he cites “a rare convergence,” which “combines the nuclear anxieties of the 1950s and ’60s with the inflation threat of the ’70s, the crime wave of the ’80s and ’90s and the tensions over illegal immigration in the 2000s.”

He warns Dems they need to pivot to the center, a la Bill Clinton in 1996, or risk facing a massive wipeout.

“America’s voters are not merely unhappy with their political leadership, but awash in fears about economic security, border security, international security, and even physical security.”

He goes on to describe the Biden Administration’s failures, from inflation to crime to border security, with particular emphasis on their effect on young people.

On the economy: “Many Americans under 60 have relatively little experience with anything but comparatively low fuel costs, negligible interest rates, and stable prices. Virtually overnight these assumptions have been shaken.”

On crime: “Worries about walking the streets and riding the subway were less acute among new generations, and yet today those same streets and mass transit are once again hobbled by fear; even the head of the New York-area Metropolitan Transportation Authority argued that fear of crime and homelessness were behind a 36 percent drop in ridership between December 2021 and January 2022.”

On border security “under Mr. Biden, 59 percent of voters believe that we have ‘effectively’ open borders.”

“Without a U-turn by the Biden Administration,” he warns “this fear will generate a wave election like those in 1994 and 2010, setting off a chain reaction that could flip the House and the Senate to Republican control in November, and ultimately the presidency in 2024.”

For Dems to survive, he warns, Biden needs to “move in some big and bold ways.” Such as balancing the budget, green lighting the Keystone Pipeline, and bringing back Title 42. He also suggests “interceding on behalf of victims in circumstances in which district attorneys are not prosecuting violent criminals to the full extent of the law, especially when they waive “enhancements” for gang-related crimes.”

“People are afraid of being walloped financially, being injured or menaced by criminals, being in a country without strong borders or Covid protections for immigrants and being under threat of nuclear weapons. If Mr. Biden and Democratic leaders cannot effectively address these fears, the wave election will hit them in November” he concluded.

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