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It’s no secret that Joe Biden’s first year in office has been tumultuous, to say the least. From his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan to his poor handling of COVID, everything he tries to fix seems to get worse.

Despite CNN being at the head of the ‘media-industrial complex, they can no longer cover for Joe. A CNN poll conducted by SRSS shows that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at an all-time low.

The headline reading “CNN Poll: Only 41% Approve of Biden’s Job as President”, CNN Anchor John King gawks “58% disapprove, that’s a tough number!” At the same time in his presidency, Donald Trump earned a higher approval rating than Joe Biden despite Trump having the media stacked against him.

Surprisingly, King shows that the data gets even worse: “56% of Americans, nearly 6/10 Americans, that means a decent number of Democrats said ‘nothing.’ They disapprove of everything that has happened.”

CNN’s poll is in good company. Polls aggregated by Real Clear Politics, show that Biden’s approval rating has tanked into the 30s, down 11 points in a 6-month period.

To add to the damage, Data released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the ‘all items’ index has risen 7.5% since January 2021. This is the steepest rise since August 1982.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was quick to link this to CNN’s new poll, explaining that 62% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy.

It seems CNN is not holding back for the president after releasing their new approval ratings. When CNN can no longer turn a blind eye and run cover, it means that Joe Biden is doing a truly atrocious job, despite just completing his first year in office.

This is a bad omen for the Democrats and the midterm elections. With these approval ratings, Biden and the Democrats may have to hope for a miracle if they want to see favorable results in November.

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