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Newly elected Congresswoman, Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas), is no stranger to criticism. However, CNN targeted her in a hit piece earlier this week — along with two other recently elected Latina Republicans — whose “current prominence is more of a publicity coup for the GOP than an authentic reflection of Latino voters,” the story read.

The article, by opinion writer Raul Reyes, was titled: “These GOP Latinas candidates are not the ‘real deal.'” It claimed “the rise of Flores, De La Cruz and Garcia deserves to be seen in context. While these Latinas may be having a moment in the spotlight, they hold views outside the Latino mainstream.”

The tone of the piece grew further concerned when it admitted each woman holds “conservative positions on abortion, gun control and immigration,” before attempting to paint these stances as anti-Latino.

In the face of this obvious and panicked attempt by the failing network to excuse gains made by Republicans — especially with minority voters — Flores’ witty comeback on Tuesday was brilliant.

DCEnquirer had previously reported on Jill Biden referring to the Latino community as “unique” as “breakfast tacos” during a Latinx lunch speech on Monday — and the comment did not go over well with Flores, yet she found a way to interweave it into her public response.

“As per CNN: I’m not the real deal. Maybe I’m not the right type of taco 😅,” she tweeted.

As humorous as this is, it’s sad to see the Democratic party become so hostile to anyone who doesn’t vote the way they expect. CNN made that crystal clear in their op-ed.

“It is troubling that Flores downplays the importance of the January 6 committee hearings, telling The New York Times, ‘My district doesn’t care about that,'” the story continued. “As a member of Congress, is it not her duty to care about the Capitol insurrection?”

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Despite these attacks, Flores has positioned herself as a strong conservative candidate for the midterms this November.

She is pro-Second Amendment, pro-legal immigration, pro-life, and pro-family, according to her website. All of which make her a viable candidate for re-election and a rising star within the GOP.

Flores wrote on her campaign website, “I legally immigrated to America when I was six years old. Living in South Texas offers a unique perspective on illegal immigration and how it affects the livelihood of American citizens. We MUST secure our border to keep bad individuals out and to encourage LEGAL immigration.”

This alone makes her a huge asset to Republicans and a major threat to Democrats.

The left’s fear showed through in the op-ed the most during Reyes’ final sentence of the CNN piece, which read, “The last thing we need is a Latina Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

It just goes to show how concerned Democrats are with the new rising stars of the GOP.

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