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Stephen Colbert is anything but an unbiased presenter of fact. After leaving Comedy Central’s Colbert Report in 2014, Colbert has been a consistently unfunny Leftist comedian. Of course, Colbert was always a Leftist comedian, and that is a mark against him. But there was a certain amount of art and form present in his earlier comedic routine. He was original, and he was witty. Now Stephen is hampered by his Leftist audience. He always plays it safe — which in terms of his rabid audience, means being incredibly vitriolic towards Trump and his allies. This is his only piece of material. And it has grown stale. Not that it ever had vigor to begin with, but the weakness of his material is very apparent.

Even an unbiased reporter like Peter Doocy is caught in the crossfire of Colbert’s identity crisis. Peter Doocy has always maintained an even-handed approach to Presidential politics. In fact, he is essentially the only person in the White House press corps who operates without a partisan tilt. He is truly a friend of the people. And Colbert loathes him for it.

Yesterday, Colbert went on the offensive. After Peter Doocy asked about what President Biden’s “in kind” remarks met, the President completely dismissed the man. But Colbert did not stop there. He had to get nasty. And his attack was absolutely outrageous. The CBS Host said:

“Remember how on last night’s show I said that slapping is never, ever the answer? I’d like to file a one-time exception on behalf of the president of the United States.”

These remarks are completely uncalled for. Late night talk shows used to be about bringing Americans together to laugh at each other. Unfortunately, we have lost the old TV show menu. Show after show attacks Americans for holding fast to American values. And Colbert considers himself a devout Catholic! These people are tearing our country apart and we have to fight it to make sure our country has a place at the table heading into the next decade. We want to see a healthy America, both for us and our children.

Here is the video: