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On March 2nd, 2022, the Young Conservatives of Texas at The University of North Texas hosted Jeff Younger. Younger, a military veteran and businessman, is running for Texas State House District 63. Younger is most notable for trying to stop his ex-wife Anne Georgulas from transitioning his son James into a girl.

Younger lost custody of his twin sons because he opposed the medical transition of one of them –James. Georgulas began to advocate for the transition of James when he was just 3 years old. Due to the inactivity of the Republican-controlled legislature, Jeff decided to take matters into his own hands and run for the State House.

On March 1st, Jeff finished second in the Republican primary with 27.5% of the vote. Ben Bumgarner finished first with 29% of the vote. The two will face off against each other in the May runoff election.

However, Younger’s invitation to campus did not go unnoticed–especially by the leftists on campus. Kelly Neidert, one of the organizers of the event, went viral for an interaction she had with a leftist student. The student seemingly gets incredibly offended by seeing Neidert print flyers for the event. The student states “How do y’all like live, honestly? Y’all pretend to be Christians, y’all aren’t even Christians, get the f*ck out of here. Stop this like ‘I’m kind’ bullsh*t. Don’t do that.”

It wasn’t long until the March 2nd event took place, and leftist activists on campus made sure to be in attendance. The deranged students began chanting “F*ck these fascists!” Younger joined in by telling them to “get louder.” The leftists also pounded their fists on the desks and even engaged in primordia screams. At one point, one of the leftists got up on a desk and tried to spit on Jeff.

This experience will, undoubtedly, harden Jeff Younger and further prepare him for the task of serving as a State Representative. Jeff will face people and experiences far worse than this. He will have to navigate the swamp that is Austin and deal with cowards like Stephanie Klick–a Republican state representative that killed a bill that would end child-gender modification on children. Luckily, Klick has been forced into a runoff by conservative David Lowe. Of course, Younger first has to win the runoff and then the general election.

What this event ultimately shows, though, is how colleges have become, for the most part, cesspools for blatant indoctrination, incivility, and idiocy.

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