Conservative Radio Host Dana Loesch Endorses Ron DeSantis In Twitter Spaces Launch

Conservative Talk Radio Host and former NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch was on hand in the Twitter Spaces organized by Elon Musk to launch the 2024 presidential campaign of Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Preceding her question for the governor, Loesch when called upon praised him for his stance on the Second Amendment and promised her primary vote.

Loesch, began, "Thank you both so much for your time, for joining us in a very new way, I really appreciate that, I think it's really cool, and for your support of free speech too. And Elon I have to say thank you for taking the arrows and for un-throttling the accounts of all of us who got in trouble for sharing a New York Post Story about a laptop..."

She continued,

"And Governor I wanted to thank you for your leadership and your unwavering support of second amendment rights. And you're on my program tomorrow and I've just got to say you got my vote in the primary. So I appreciate it very much."

She went on to ask both DeSantis and Musk about DEI and the "growing threat against natural rights and free enterprise... the threat of de-banking." Describing in particular the debunking of a Florida gun dealer through regulatory means.

DeSantis described the ESG movement in the financial sector as an "end run around the constitutional system," to "change policy, change society and change the scope of people's rights," citing his recently signed anti-ESG law in Florida. He added, "We will not be a free society if major financial institutions can do through the economy what people could not achieve through the ballot box."

Loesch announced that DeSantis will be joining her on her show on The First Network at Noon Eastern time Thursday.
Loesch appeared to face some backlash from her Twitter followers after the announcement, with one user writing, "Really surprised your voting for@RonDeSantis and not @realDonaldTrump, I listen to your show all the time and I have just been shocked...#MAGA#Trump2024" Another commented, "So disappointing running against the incumbent Trump. Typical Republicans always making a mess and never sticking together DeSantis will not win a general election but Trump will. Lack of loyalty to Trump who they tried to destroy as he defended America is not lost on voters."


Many commenters expressed frustration that Loesch and other hosts invited to inquire failed to address foreign policy at all. Many expressed bafflement that there were no questions regarding Ukraine or China.

DeSantis will almost assuredly be pressed for answers on these imposing issues in the near future.

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