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The Oscars were bad again this year. Who would have thunk it? And they may never learn to bolster their product with features that might actually interest the audience. If they want to continue to hold their coveted place on the TV menu, they had better learn, sooner rather than later. Perhaps there will come a day when children ask their parents what the Academy Awards are. Perhaps that day is already here. The only thing keeping the Oscars alive at this point is violent attacks like this:

But Conservatives did have a good time watching the Oscars — if only for its manifest cringiness. And this was a cringe-fest of monumental proportions. We cannot overstate how woke the Oscars have become. Things will only get worse from here on out unless a regime change is coming.

First off, DeSantis Spokeswoman Christina Pushaw had a response to perhaps the worst moment of the whole night — Wanda Sykes’s response to the “Don’t Say Gay!” bill:

That was terrible. Other Conservatives agreed. Ron DeSantis responded to the cringiness this morning:

This Tweet showed the hypocritical nature of Leftist virtue signaling on Will Smith’s slap and their attacks on President Trump:

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Matt Gaetz also pointed out the violent nature of many Leftist events, violence not ordinarily present at Trump rallies:

Lastly, Matt Walsh absolutely owned a Leftist who attributed the Will Smith slap to, you guessed it, white supremacy: