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Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has been in the news a great deal over the last year and it is no wonder why. He has made a practice of voicing his intelligent and considered opinions on the failed Biden presidency.

Resultantly, his impact on national politics has been substantial — despite his hailing from an unpopulous state. We need more intelligent politicians who are willing to criticize the President when he fails monumentally (as he so often does).

Cotton has protected the interests of his state. Arkansas stands with Florida in its opposition to woke educational practices — opposition that any reasonable government would make sure to legislate. The controversial Florida anti-grooming bill is one of these anti-woke educational bills, signed into power by Governor DeSantis earlier this week.

The bill effectively ends the pro-grooming practices we have seen implemented in many states. In fact, opposition to these practices in Virginia likely gave Governor Glen Youngkin the office. A red wave is coming and education will be at the forefront of that wave.

Disney has a long history of appeasement when it comes to China. Disney publicly thanked CCP-linked groups back in 2020 when they filmed the live-action version of ‘Mulan’.

Tom Cotton made sure to point out these inconsistencies. And he proved them with documented evidence. Tom Cotton is on the side of truth here. If Disney is consistent with its ideals, it should publicly apologize for its opposition to the bill.

Disney is in big trouble after this masterful attack!

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As Americans, we should hold companies that act against America and its interests accountable. If we do not, we will effectively lose the culture war.

Disney has shown their hand. It is time to support companies who love and value our children as we do. America is too precious to lose to leftist ideologues who will sacrifice the innocence of our children for a passing political fad. 2022 is our way to show America how we, the people, really feel.