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Most of America at this point knows about the crazy Congresswoman out of New York’s 14th Congressional District: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, but not everyone knows about her challengers. AOC is running for re-election and 3 Republicans are giving her a hard time. She thought she would sail to re-election, but she better wake up because there are candidates out there ready to snatch her seat. Tina Forte, Desi Cuellar, and Miguel Hernandez have all stepped up to the challenge.

Most of America would probably agree that the Congresswoman needs to be replaced. So it should come as no surprise that she has a few Republican challengers for 2022. Most well known are Tina Forte and Desi Cuellar. Tina Forte describes herself as “ Proud America First Patriot” and uses her Twitter page to promote her campaign.

Desi Cuellar is also running as a Republican to defeat AOC in November. In his campaign ad “This is Personal” he tells America “So now I’m here to tell AOC that the party is over”. Cuellar’s full campaign ad is below:

AOC has trouble coming if she believes she is going to sail to re-election. She is an embarrassment to America and patriots are standing up.

AOC has been known to get caught doing things she’s not supposed to- which is exactly what happened just a few weeks ago when she was spotted down in Florida with her boyfriend, eating at a restaurant maskless. The two of them were happily enjoying the policies that she is supposedly against. Meanwhile, the rest of her district is stuck suffering in New York, a state with one of the most aggressive covid regimes in the nation. She praises the draconian measures and lockdowns while she enjoys freedom for herself. Challenger Tina Forte had a few words to say about the situation:

Although the district is a Democratic stronghold it will be interesting to see how November plays out. This should come as a warning to AOC that her reelection campaign may not be as smooth as she thought. All candidates must continue to campaign and allow the democratic process to play out.