'The FBI Is A Woke And Weaponized Parody': FBI Director Leads 'Out And Proud' Diversity Training, Gives Award To Pentagram Tattooed Biden Official

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the famed branch of federal law enforcement, has incentivized its employees to attend a Pride Month event that features a White House official known for his pentagram tattoo and pentagram-shaped leather harness by offering credit toward mandatory training. 

According to Just the News, this initiative was sponsored by the FBI's Office of Diversity and Inclusion and also featured FBI Director Chris Wray. This event was outed by Steve Friend, a former FBI agent who retired due to retaliation for his whistleblowing activities on the agency, in a post on Twitter.  

Mr. Friend wrote, "The [FBI] presents 'Out and Proud' featuring the deputy coordinator for the White House monkey pox response… The FBI is a woke and weaponized parody June 6 is D-Day. Why honor the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy when you can discuss the importance of gay/trans visibility?" 

Attached to that post is a screenshot of an email containing information about the event in question. The speaker in question for the event, the aforementioned White House official has been confirmed to be Demetre Daskalakis. Daskalakis told Politico that he is not a Satanist and that he also sports a large Jesus tattoo. He claimed that the tattoos and shirtless photos are the stuff of vanity and that "I spent a lot of money on my tattoos and a lot of time at the gym...I’m showing it off."

Friend told Just the News that his source within the FBI who attended the event said that Director Wray awarded Daskalakis a "certificate of appreciation" and that Daskalakis, the deputy coordinator for Biden's money pox response team, claimed that the word monkeypox was "racist."

Friend has a Twitter history of attacking what he sees as the politicization of the FBI in terms of the groups it selects to honor through its observance of Pride Month. In one post responding to a pro-Pride Month comment by an FBI office in Jacksonville, he wrote "Has [FBI in Jacksonville] ever specifically thanked straight employees for their contributions? What about male employees who don’t want to chop off their genitals? Or female employees who want to keep their breasts?"

He further mocked the Norfolk office for its pro-Pride month statement and its raising of the transgender-LGBTQI plus flag.  He wrote, "Looks like ⁦[Norfolk FBI] is celebrating Pride Month! Why no Ukraine flag? Has the ⁦[FBI] abandoned our beloved Eastern European allies? Disgraceful."

Mockery aside, Mr. Friend's issue seems to be with the selective nature of the identities that the FBI chooses to promote and that a governmental agency raises a flag that is neither a state or national flag.  
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