Dem Rep Insinuates Insane Claim That She Is The Only Person In Congress To Have Faced Gun Violence

A key Congressional Democrat mislead the American public last Wednesday when she said she “believed” she is the only member of Congress who has been a victim of gun violence.

For context, California Rep Jackie Speier was seriously wounded in the infamous Jonestown Massacre. Obviously, that was a horrendous occurrence that should make Americans skeptical of Marxist cults of all forms. Often sold as a religious movement, the evidence points towards a more Marxist Jonestown experience. As the National Review reports:

“Following the mass suicide, the mainstream media spun the story into one of religious fanaticism rather than leftist fanaticism… Yet Marxist he [Jim Jones, the Founder] was, and so was his group. Jonestown life was nearly identical to that in Communist nations…”

We obviously sympathize with the Congresswoman and what she went through. Dangerous ideologies like Marxism have no place in American life. It is a shame the Democrat Party has normalized some of the rhetoric that drew people to Jim Jones in the first place.

And yet, what Speier said is demonstrably not true. Indeed, the case in question was so high profile it is a wonder she did not know about it. We are of course talking about the 2017 shooting of Steve Scalise by a radical Bernie Sanders supporter. That was, of course, a largely ignored event that the mainstream media wants you to forget — one of the highest-profile shootings in recent memory was carried out by a rabid supporter of the radical socialist Bernie Sanders.  Of course, we don’t blame Bernie for the shooting. Unlike the Left, we have realistic criteria for what it means to incite violence. But what we said is still worth noting — since the mainstream media would have you forget it. As CNN reported:

“…The man identified as shooting a Republican member of congress and four others on Wednesday morning was a small business owner in Illinois who defined himself publicly by his firm support of Bernie Sanders’ progressive politics – and his hatred of conservatives and President Donald Trump.”

Radicalism comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s what she should address first and foremost when we tackle the prevalence of mass shootings. We have a cultural problem in our country. As such, any solution to the problem of mass shootings in America is one that has to take place in, you guessed it, America. And an America without her Second Amendment is scarcely an America at all.

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