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The Republican Party just keeps winning. And it is all due to how badly the Democrats are running the country. Of course, we are not thrilled that the Republican movement had to come up from the ashes of American civilization, as it were. We want nothing more than a powerful and strong America. We want America to be great again.

But 2020 has had disastrous consequences for the human race. We have to continue fighting for the America we love and enjoy. 2022 will go a way to helping America return to the once-great place she occupied under Donald Trump. And fortunately for our country, 2022 is shaping up to be a very good year electorally speaking. Perhaps we will see another victory the likes of which we saw in 2010 and 1994. Republicans will make a new “contract with America,” and America will be better off for it.

As the Daily Caller reports, after recent redistricting news, Republicans were looking to be big losers in redistricting headed into the 2022 election. But the non-Partisan Cook Political Report changed its forecast after major court decisions in Ohio and Maryland:

This news is big. It comes as Democrats are in their darkest hour. As the Daily Caller writes:

“The stunning development comes after a Maryland judge on Friday struck down a congressional map that bolstered Democrats, ruling the redistricting map violated the state‚Äôs constitution. The Democrat-endorsed map would have created seven safe Democratic seats and one Republican-leaning sea”

The Republicans were on pace to do very well even without this news. But with it, there certainly seems to be a Red Wave in our midst. If the Republicans do not clean up in 2022, we will have a major disappointment on our hands. But with the full support of Donald Trump and his America First candidates, that bleak outcome is looking very unlikely.