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Iowa Democrat and U.S. Senate nominee Mike Franken made headlines this week after some 2020 tweets resurfaced, of him showing animosity towards then-President Trump’s policy toward border security and illegal immigration.

In May of that year, as he was competing for the Democrat nomination to unseat Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), Franken tweeted the following:

For background, Trump’s plan for a great big, beautiful, border wall was a significant step forward in the fight against illegal immigration. It would have helped keep us safe. Nonetheless,  Democrats fought it tooth and nail for all four years. They did so for one simple reason: They do not put America First.

These tweets may derail Franken’s hopes to unseat longtime incumbent GOP Senator Chuck Grassley. Iowa is certainly not a state to look kindly at globalist talking points like this.

They could not push for their America Last agenda without open border chaos. That was essential to their plan. And we have paid the price for it ever since. After all, Biden entrusted Vice President Kamala Harris, of all people, to handle the crisis.

Franken has continued to push for that America Worst agenda. He doesn’t care about America as established. An America without borders is no America at all. These recent tweets make it abundantly clear — Franken supports an Open Border push that would punish border states and, by extension, the rest of the country.

On one hand, the tweet references the controversial enclosures that were built during the Obama Administration. But the other remarks about the border are confusing. Who could oppose a Border Wall? That is, unless you are an open-border radical like Franken.

Senator Grassley responded to these Franken tweets in a statement to Breitbart News:

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“President Biden’s open border policy abdicates America’s sovereignty. We are a nation of laws and society is held together by the rule of law, from public safety to the economy. Anyone who truly listens to Iowans and cares what they have to say would not be supporting amnesty, sending payments to illegal immigrants and making it possible for anyone to come into our country without our permission. As the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I’m leading the fight against President Biden’s open border policies. Iowans are sick and tired of a president who doesn’t enforce our laws while we have historic numbers of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. Finishing the border wall is a commonsense step for border security and the taxpayer, especially considering Americans are paying $3 million a day to guard the unused steel for the wall Biden canceled on his first day in office.”

We are a nation of law and order. It will be a truly sad day for America the moment we forget that.