'Democrats Just Don't Have Any Choice': Party Elites In Panic As They're Fate Is Tied To The Extremely Unpopular, 'Too Old' Joe Biden For 2024

On Tuesday, NBC News published an article focused on Democrat elites' efforts to push President Joe Biden on voters for a second presidential term, however, the 80-year-old Biden's age is starting to become an insurmountable problem.

“I’ll say the elephant in the room,” Minyon Moore, chairwoman of the 2024 Democratic convention, said to party fundraisers last week, per NBC News. “People talk about his age. But you know what? I come from a family where age is wisdom, knowledge, participation, experience.”

"I would rather have Joe Biden on this field, at this time, than any president," she added.

Recent polling has shown that Biden's age is one of his biggest disadvantages heading into the 2024 election. As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, nearly two-thirds, 60 percent, of Americans say that the president is not mentally fit to be president, with 49 percent saying that he is “not at all well." Biden would be 86 by the time he left office if elected to a second term in 2029.

"Democrats just don't have any choice and it's so difficult," said former Democrat Sen. Dennis DeConcini, who served with Biden in the Senate. "He’s too old. So am I. What I tell people is in comparison to Trump, he’s a decent guy. He may be too old and stumble a little bit. The problem, in my opinion, is the Democrats really have a problem if he didn’t run because [Vice President] Kamala Harris — I don’t think she could be elected."

"We're kind of stuck with Biden because of that," he continued.

Despite the fact that many Democrat voters are lukewarm towards Biden, the Democrat donors and elites are deadset on the elder statesman.

"What I tell people is, 'He's going to be the nominee, and that's it,'" an anonymous Democrat donor told NBC. "The notion of someone else bursting out, that's a pipe dream."

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) explained to the outlet that a primary against Biden would be pointless given Biden is the incumbent president with a supposed laundry list of accomplishments under his belt.

“A robust competition is in order when we don’t have a sitting president,” Pelosi said. “A sitting president with the accomplishments of Joe Biden — what’s your point?”

Despite the Democrat Party coalescing around Biden, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) has bucked that trend and called for Biden to not run in 2024. “I believe there are other candidates who have a far better chance, and don’t have the actuarial risk that the president has,” he said.

“Why does everyone have blinders on? Why are we essentially being led to this cliff without knowing what’s on the other side?” the congressman added.

Biden and Trump are neck and neck in national and swing state polling. Despite Biden's clear mental failings, the Democratic Party is in lockstep behind him and the worries about his age are being thrown aside in the belief that he is the only man that can defeat Donald Trump. Hopefully, the Democrats, much like in 2016, will overplay their hand and fail to listen to those attempting to send a warning to the party apparatus before it's too late.

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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images
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