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New York Democrats’ attempt to gerrymander its US House District Map may be doomed as a court-appointed special master unveils plans to shrink Democratic gains. 

Special Master Jonathan Cervas has proposed a map that shrinks the number of Democratic seats from 20 Democrats to 15. The new map has 15 Democratic seats, 5 Republican seats, and 6 toss-up seats.

This is a significant change from the previously enacted redistricting plan that had 20 Democratic seats, 2 toss-ups (but Democrat-friendly seats), and 4 Republican seats. In April, the New York Court of Appeals struck down this plan and required the map to be redrawn by Jonathan Cervas.

Cervas is a specialist in Geographic Information Systems and has extensive experience studying and working with redistricting. 

The proposed plan will potentially pit several incumbent members of congress against one another–including two chairs of two powerful House committees.

Jerry Nadler, notorious chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will be pitted against Carolyn Maloney–who is the chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee. 

Maloney nearly lost the Democratic Primary in 2020 to progressive Suraj Patel. Maloney earned 42.7% of the vote in the 2020 Democratic Primary. Patel earned 39.3%. Patel is challenging Maloney again in 2022–though it is unclear what his plans will be if the proposed plan goes into effect.

Both Nadler and Maloney have served in Congress since the 90s. Nadler joined the House in 1992. Maloney entered in 1993. 

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney–who represents the 18th district–has stated he will run in New York’s 17th district. This will pit him against Mondaire Jones–who is considered to be a more progressive congressman.

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A federal judge has ordered the primary elections to be held on August 23rd. The primary was originally scheduled for June 28th.