Dems ‘War on Women’ Rhetoric Fails Miserably: Poll Shows Majority of Women Prefer Republican Congress

A recent survey by I&I/TIPP Polls shows that most women would prefer a Republican Congress following the Midterms, despite the best efforts of Democrats to capture this critical demographic.

While Democrats have prided themselves as the Party of women, the evidence is a little less clear — Republicans have generally captured the votes of married women for instance. And while women have favored the Democrat side in most recent elections, things may be starting to change. Unphased by appeals to so-called “abortion rights”, America First patriots of all genders are taking action for the good of the country. A red wave is coming in 2022, and women voters and women politicians will be at the forefront of it.

According to the poll, “59% of women and 49% of men say they would prefer Republicans to control Congress.” These numbers have to scare the Biden Administration, especially since many have argued that generic congressional ballots tend to always favor the Democrats.


And things do not just stop there. Even Democrat women are less than impressed by Biden. Biden is not performing well with critical demographic groups he will need to secure the Democrat nomination, and only twenty-eight percent of Democrat women will support the incumbent President as the 2024 nominee.

Meanwhile, Trump receives 56 percent of the women’s vote in his hypothetical primary. He just won’t stop winning!

Ignoring the gender divide, the poll finds that Biden’s politics were less than compelling to voters, who are increasingly angered by Biden’s empty rhetoric and obfuscation. What’s more, voters are convinced Biden is avoiding discussing the key issues, issues that matter to the American voter.

“Among those responding, 59% said Biden is avoiding talking about inflation, immigration, crime, and other issues, while just 41% said he was fairly raising issues about MAGA Republicans.”

The poll also states that the Mar-a-Lago raid “has done little apparent to affect how voters see the upcoming election. If anything, it has made Trump slightly more popular.”

All in all, this poll shows us what we already knew — Biden and his Democrat cronies are not popular with the American people, no matter their sex. If we want America to be great again, we have to do better than Biden.

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