WATCH: Patriotic UFC Crowd Goes Wild With Support When They See Ron DeSantis Speaking

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a superstar politician who is making Florida great again. His popular policies have given him high approval ratings — across the country but especially in Florida. He pushed for rational COVID measures and fought against grooming measures we have seen introduced in the school system recently. And this weekend, at a UFC fight, we got to see how renowned Governor DeSantis really is in his home state. The results? His popularity is out of this world!

Most Americans agree with the Governor’s rational policies, even if they are deceived by the mainstream media into thinking he has passed sweeping “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. He has done nothing of the sort. He has never been against the vaccine, or even masking as a personal choice. Instead, Ron DeSantis is against mandates — which infringe on our freedoms, especially our freedom of conscience.

More and more Americans are standing up for their freedoms. They know if they continue to give up their freedoms — whether it be in the form of mandates or authoritarian school policies — they will be very sorry in the long run. The fight for the future of America is now. We cannot stand by and let the Left take America as we know it from us.

While many Democrats want to paint DeSantis in a negative light — accusing him of the most awful of crimes — he has been a compassionate conservative leader who is leading his state into the future. In actuality, it is the Leftist politicians who are “regressive” — holding fast to ill-considered social policies and economic provisions which have been debunked by both reason and experience. Both have weight in the political realm.

Governor DeSantis decided to attend a UFC fight this weekend — UFC 273, hosted in Jacksonville, Florida. If you were following the media’s narrative, you might expect Governor DeSantis to have been showered with jeers.

But that was not the case. DeSantis is too renowned in Florida to be attacked in such a brainless way. The people of Florida respect Governor DeSantis. He has kept Florida safe — both morally and physically. And he received the ultimate gift for his service — unending cheers.


Governor DeSantis truly is America’s Governor. We look forward to seeing what he will do in 2024. Whether he continues to govern Florida, decides to run, or even if he decides to be the VP for a certain former President, we know he will help in the fight to Make America Great Again. And we are very excited to see what happens when that comes.

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