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According to a press release, earlier today Governor DeSantis spoke at the University of Southern Florida to announce that $20 million worth of funding would be given to researching cyber security. But that’s not the interesting part. As the governor was walking towards the podium to begin his speech, he noticed all the students who were going to stand behind him were masked. He immediately told them “You do not have to wear those masks. I mean honestly, it’s not doing anything. We gotta stop with this covid theatre. So, if you wanna wear it, fine, but this is, this is ridiculous.”

This is the kind of bravery that every state needs. DeSantis said what most people are thinking. It’s all theatre. After he stood up for the students’ rights, each student made their own individual choice. You can clearly see several smiles break out as some of the students unmasked before the speech began. 

Incredible, what a governor. Of course, this didn’t stop the Democrats from flying off the handle. Popular Democrat Twitter account, Occupy Democrats, tweeted out “BREAKING: Florida Governor DeSantis angrily scolds a group of USF college students for wearing masks at his speech, wagging his finger at them and barking, “This is ridiculous… y’all need to stop this COVID theatre.” RT IF YOU THINK THAT HE’S AN IDIOT!” 

If you actually watch the video, it’s clear that DeSantis is standing up for what’s right. He never forced the students to take off their masks, only enabled them to do so if they pleased. DeSantis did what every governor should be doing. 

DeSantis was merely making sure the students had the same freedoms he had. He was not masked which was his choice, so he enabled the students the decision if they pleased.

Jenna Ellis, the host of The Jenna Ellis Show, sided with DeSantis on Twitter saying “@GovRonDeSantis is absolutely right.” 

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Daniel Horowitz, host of “The Conservative Review” said, “This is what sets the man apart from every other stinken Republican.” 

DeSantis has continued to prove himself as the bravest governor in America. This clip is worth a thousand words.