Ron DeSantis Calls Out Metastasizing Marxism in Latin America in Inspiring Show of Foreign Policy Acumen

Newly elected leftist President of Colombia Gustavo Petro has fallen into the sights of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who spoke up about the recent Colombian election.

Governor DeSantis, whose state is home to over a million Cubans some of whom fled the communist regime, took to Twitter to state that “The election in Colombia of a former narco-terrorist Marxist is troubling and disappointing.”

DeSantis continued by stating that “The spread of left-wing totalitarian ideology in the Western hemisphere is a growing threat. Florida stands with Colombian Americans on the side of freedom.”

In contrast to Governor DeSantis’ response, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken released a statement saying “On behalf of the United States, I congratulate the people of Colombia for making their voices heard in a free and fair presidential election. We commend the many officials, public servants, and volunteers whose dedication made these elections possible.”

The newly elected Colombian president and former mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro, won with 50.5% of the vote making him the first left-wing president of Colombia. He stated that the win was a “victory for God and for the people.”

The election of Petro continues a trend of left-wing presidents being elected in South America as Maduro’s Venezuelan regime shadows the continent. In 2021 alone, Chile, Peru, and Honduras all elected left-wing governments, and recent polls show Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro losing to left-wing candidate Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva.

Governor DeSantis said about this trend of left-wing governments being elected that “we’ve got a problem in the Western Hemisphere with Marxism and totalitarianism really spreading. We fought 25 years ago during the Cold War against all this stuff, and it just keeps rearing its head.”

The Floridian concluded by stating that “To elect a former narco-terrorist and a Marxist to lead Colombia is going to be disastrous.”

With left-wing governments coming to power throughout the Western Hemisphere, leaders like Governor DeSantis are calling out their disastrous policies as the lessons from Cuba of what a left-wing government can do continue to weigh heavy in the minds of many Floridians.

Watch Governor DeSantis’ remarks here:

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