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DeSantis is at it again. America’s Governor is back with yet another spicy take. And America is ready for it! Governor DeSantis has taken power away from tyrannical federal agencies who lord mandates over their populace. Likewise, it was DeSantis who challenged our federal government’s radical immigration policy. The man consistently is on the side of truth and justice, and we are excited to hear what the future holds for this great man.

Last week, Florida passed new legislation banning mention of sexual orientation in the classroom, up till the 3rd Grade. After that point, common sense and “age-appropriate” considerations would govern sex-talk in classrooms. Very reasonable and moderately friendly to the Left. After all, the Bill does not do away with sex talk altogether, especially during the periods where it would be relevant to the lives of the kids. The Bill is not a “Don’t Say Gay” bill as many allege. It is a parents’ bill of rights. Parents are the ones who need to have control of their kids and their education. Children are liable to potential “groomers” in the school system if parents have no say. School children should learn about sex with their parent, who loves them. Third Graders should probably not learn much of anything about sex. Who could disagree with such a truism?

That’s where DeSantis spent much of his time during his speech to the 2022 Florida Congressional Session, which ended following the address. DeSantis got straight to the issues and he took no prisoners. The Governor said:

“This idea that, people actually said that if you don’t have classroom instruction on sexual matters in grades K-3, that somehow businesses don’t want to be in Florida? I think people need to get out of their bubble and actually talk to parents in this state. Because they do not want this in kindergarten or first grade or second grade. We want our kids to be kids!”

We applaud DeSantis. He gets the issue exactly right, as he so often does.

The full video can be found here: