WATCH: DeSantis Gets Standing Ovation After Sending Illegal Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) received a standing ovation on Sunday after he flew two planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

DeSantis said the following during a rally in Olathe, Kansas for Kansas Lt Governor and Gubernatorial Candidate Derek Schmidt:

“The one place in the country where we see virtually no law and order is at the southern border. And this is a crisis. It’s now getting a little more attention.”


The crowd loved these remarks. MAGA Patriots can recognize authentic leadership when they see it. They know Republican policies are beneficial to all Americans, especially those who adhere to our founding principles. Ron DeSantis puts America First because he puts our constitution first.

Americans also recognize the value of a closed border. An America without borders is truly no America — indeed no America as we know it. Republicans have been battling for the heart and soul of America — and that means protecting our border, a truly prized asset.

While MAGA Republicans and other patriots are loving the news about Martha’s Vineyard, Ron DeSantis is making liberals very angry — and even a few RINOs. As the DC Enquirer reports:

“Lincoln Project co-founder, Rick Wilson, a man recently dubbed a “pervert and lowlife” by forty-fifth President Donald Trump, suggested DeSantis broke the law in a tweet on Thursday…

‘A friend points out Ron DeSantis flew two planeloads of illegal migrants from Venezuela to Martha’s Vineyard without coordinating with DHS or INS… Does that make him a coyote? I mean, I’m no lawyer, but 8 USC 1342 ii,'”

Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” called DeSantis a “bonehead” in response to the move.

“These are real people we’re playing with, these are real live people with children and older people. And, you know, we can work it out, but if you’re going to be a bonehead, who wants to play with you? Call me crazy, but I don’t understand why you gotta be nasty about it.”

This shows the disconnect the liberal elites and consulting class have with the American people at large. We want to put America First. The Left wants to make America Worst. The choice is clear.

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