DeSantis Press Secretary Slams NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Opposition To Anti-Groomer Bill With Savage Comeback

This week, DeSantis’s Press Secretary Christina Pushaw took significant action when she clapped back at a recent tweet from New York Mayor Eric Adams. The tweet concerned Florida’s wildly popular new anti-grooming bill.

These changes in Florida’s education policies took place after much deliberation. The Florida Republicans wanted to do service to everyone involved in the education system — most notably the students and parents. For students and parents are the people which the school system exists to serve.

Florida is not enacting a “Don’t Say Gay” bill as many have alleged. In fact, if one says Florida did pass such a bill, that person has evidence that they have never interacted with the bill. The bill is very nuanced, and reductionism about the bill helps no one.

The bill effectively bans talk of sexual orientation and sexual positions for the third grade and below. What reasonable person disagrees with the proposition that this age is too young to teach students effectively about these complex subjects? No, not one. Even a gay or trans individual should agree that it is not right to teach gender ideology to children with rapidly developing brains.

The notions of personhood and body are not subjects ordinarily taught in the classroom. Our default position should be that these prerogatives belong to the parents uniquely — since parents are the spiritual guardians and moral compasses of their children’s upbringing. Parents, not teachers, are the primary course of values.

Republicans agree on this. Democrats do not. Really, the debate is between those who are truly, traditionally liberal and those who are authoritarian. The Right values individual liberty and the nuclear family. The Left values the state, and it will not stop until it controls every aspect of your life.

Really, if anyone knows what the bill says and still opposes it, they are admitting a very troubling fact about their psyche. No state can survive with mass groups of people who oppose the sanctity of childhood. Gay or straight, there is no reason to oppose the bill.

Christina Pushaw agrees, and she took ultimate action with a spicy tweet. After Eric Adams invited Floridians to come to New York, she replied in a series of savage tweets:

Eric Adams didn’t know what hit him. And neither will the Dems when Americans clap back in the elections this fall.

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