DeSantis Misses Campaign Event to Honor Fallen Police Officer

Florida’s newly branded “Top Gov” Governor was slated to speak at a fundraiser for New York’s Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Lee Zeldin. However, due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, Governor DeSantis had to miss the fundraiser for a fallen police officer memorial service for Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Special Agent Jose Perez.

Perez was tragically hit by a vehicle on August 2, with a man named Ysmael Sandoval behind the wheel. According to authorities, Sandoval, age 35, was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

The Florida Governor has always been an outward supporter of law enforcement and has fought hard against the leftist agenda of “defunding the police.” In November of 2021, Gov. Desantis introduced new funding proposals to give Florida law enforcement officers a bonus of $1000 and $5000 incentive programs for recruitment.

While many American political leaders and lawmakers would put party over duty, Gov. DeSantis has always made clear that his allegiance belongs to his constituents before his politics.

Biden Goes After Guns And Tries To Divide With Rhetoric Aimed At Police Officers

In contrast, politicians on the left from congressional districts in California or cities like Chicago have long been advocating defunding law enforcement officers to garner support from voter bases like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and other anti-law-enforcement groups which make up a heavy demographic in some blue regions. Without a doubt, these lawmakers wouldn’t honor a fallen officer over a chance to score some political capital.

Remember when Representatives Maxine Watters and Ilhan Omar both advocated publicly for dismantling the police? Remember when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s demanded we defund the border enforcement agency, ICE?

One thing is clear; Democrats haven’t been silent silent regarding their hatred of our men in blue. In comparison, Republicans have widely supported the men and women who wear their uniforms daily to be there for the American people in their most dire times of emergency.

Oddly enough, those most avidly against law enforcement have often looked to them for security in vulnerable public areas and still count on them in other times of need. With principle, these dedicated officers uphold the law in order in our country and protect and serve the same individuals who blaspheme them daily.

So while those in the GOP continue their reverence and gratitude of our law enforcement officers around the country, democrat’s continue to chip away at their budgets while holding the same expectations of them immediately after.

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