DeSantis: We are Going to do the Opposite of California, Will Allow for Truly Free, ‘Evidence Based’ Medicine

The California State Legislature passed a bill that would penalize physicians who spread “misinformation” regarding Covid-19 earlier this week. The bill would allow California medical boards to either suspend or permanently remove the medical license from those who spread “disinformation,” according to Axios.

While Newsom has yet to sign the bill into law, the nature of the bill is already striking controversy. Gov. Ron DeSantis was quick to comment on it, considering the stark difference between his Covid-19 policies and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s handling of the pandemic. 

In a press conference this week, DeSantis said, “You see what they’re trying to do in California, they’re gonna penalize physicians who say something that the government deems to be misinformation.”

He continued, “Now just think about how chilling that is because a lot of things that have been accurate about Covid were once deemed by government bureaucracy to be misinformation.”

DeSantis went on to talk about how Florida has led the way in allowing individuals to make their own health choices. He also mentioned his work to open schools earlier than most, saying, “We were the first to say ‘full throttle we gotta do it.’ Oh my gosh, you remember what they were saying about me.”


DeSantis continued to point out the difference between Florida and California, “You have a lot of physicians over the years who have been right about this stuff, but they dissented from orthodoxy, and they descended from the medical establishment, and so, therefore, they were pilloried.”

“I mean Joe [Surgeon General of Florida, Joseph Ladapo] has been attacked. In fact, I told him when you take this job, ‘there’s not gonna be a lot of people that are saying the things you’re saying because it cuts against orthodoxy. It cuts against the narrative, and you know they’re gonna come after you.’” 

“So what we’re gonna do though, and we should have done this past legislative session, we had some hiccups with a couple people in the legislature, but were going to do the opposite of California,” he announced.

“Not only are we not going to do something where someone gets penalized for saying what the government thinks is misinformation, but we’re also going to protect people’s right to practice and be able to do evidence based medicine.”

“And just because some woke association is saying one thing, that does not mean that you are bound by that when you have the evidence and the data supporting you on the other side,” DeSantis announced.

With the mid-terms only a couple of months away, the stark difference between red and blue states is on full display. Not to mention the 2024 presidential run that’s just around the corner as well.

While many are predicting that both DeSantis and Newsom will run, the two governors are certainly showing off their vastly different governing styles. 

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