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The Democrats are heading into some treacherous and uncharted waters in the coming elections. 2022 and 2024 could be very bad years for the party of the sitting President. And as we shall see, that lack of success extends to one of their pet topics — “abortion rights”, improperly so-called.

Indeed, Biden and company are not popular with the American people. They do not command the attention of the American voter. They simply lack the wherewithal and integrity to shift gears — moving to more moderate positions on the issues. As it stands, they justify all their sins on the premise that Trump supported the thing they are decrying. But Trump supported many good policies — few would object to that admission. So resultantly, it seems the Democrats ought to

For the Democrats, the name of the game is more radicalism. And part of being a radical is never admitting to one’s most manifest faults. Abortion is one of the Democrats’ most obvious shortcomings. Babies in the womb have the exact same dignity and worth that we do. It is illogical to say otherwise. Indeed, it is unfeeling and cold.

This is not an issue the Democrats should be winning on. But so far, it is an issue that has managed to divide America — largely along party lines. The Democrats view abortion as a secular sacrament. But stunningly, they are not lending their full financial support to fighting it. The Democrats are not raising funds! What gives? Politico reveals the sinister workings of Biden’s policies — and boy, they are dastardly. As Politico reports:

“In the 23 hours after POLITICO reported a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, ActBlue took in just $9 million — just a small uptick from the days prior…

The modest totals, which reached $12 million by midnight on Tuesday, based on a POLITICO analysis of the ActBlue donation tracker, are an early sign that Democrats can’t count on abortion to single-handedly turn around a midterm cycle that’s already trending badly for them.”

Even Democrats acknowledge this is not a winning issue. Politico reports a liberal pollster said the following:

“One Democratic pollster, granted anonymity to discuss the issue candidly, acknowledged that the issue “will help at the margins,” but “to hold the House or Senate, we need inflation to go away.”

The Democrats are running for the exit. Their machine is breaking down. Americans are no longer buying their rhetoric. They know it is just obfuscation — an attempt to distract voters from the culture of destruction they have created. The Democrat’s pro-choice appeals will, of course, reach their most radical voters. But it is unlikely to be enough to overcome the massive red wave sure to be coming in 2022 and beyond.

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