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On Tuesday, The Daily Wire‘s Brett Cooper, host of “The Comments Section”, published a video titled “Kimmel Is A Cucked Creep” in which she exposed Kimmel’s alleged ties to child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, who reportedly “committed suicide” while in police custody in 2019, was known to have taken multiple individuals to an island where he regularly trafficked girls for sexual exploitation. Those connected with Epstein have had their reputations destroyed making Cooper’s takedown of Kimmel even more devastating. 

“People are also pointing to Kimmel’s longtime friendship named Adam Perry Lang who is a professional chef. And the two are so close that they spend Thanksgiving with each other every year and Kimmel even helped Lang start his steakhouse APL in Hollywood just a few blocks from Kimmel’s studio,” Cooper said with an image of Kimmel cooking alongside Lang. “Now that restaurant, APL, closed in January 2022 in addition to Lang’s Napa Valley steakhouse which also closed around the same time.”

“Publicly they said that this was all due to the restaurants not being able to bounce back from covid and the lockdowns and I’m sure that was a contributing factor but the chef’s reputation and the restaurant’s popularity was shattered when it came out, and it was revealed, that Lang not only took trips to Epstein’s island on the plane but that he was Epstein’s private chef in the early 2000s,” Cooper explained, adding, “This was not a man who just hung out in the same circles, no. He was there for years working for Epstein. With the clients, with the women that Epstein was trafficking.”

The Daily Wire host went on to cite multiple news sources that confirmed Lang’s connection with Jeffrey Epstein explaining that the chef traveled with Epstein to properties in Florida, New Mexico, and the Virgin Islands.


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“Like I said, this was not someone who just ran in the same circles,” she explained, adding, “He was very in the inner circle.”

In response to Cooper’s video, a user pointed out that Kimmel recently attacked Aaron Rodgers for his call to expose the names listed on the Epstein client list earlier this month.

“Needless to say all of this UFO talk has the tin foil hatters going wild including Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers,” Kimmel said then transitioning to a clip of the quarterback wanting to have the client list released to the public to expose the various individuals who traveled to Epstein’s island.

“Oh, might be time to revisit that concussion protocol, Aaron,” Kimmel said in response.

While Epstein’s client list has remained a mystery, Kimmel’s connection to a longtime Epstein associate is worrying and shows the extent to which the child predator played in the elite circles of American society. 

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