Woke Disney Falling MASSIVELY Short Of Yearly Goals, Increases Prices To Compensate For The Disaster

Disney is not having the best year, currently falling incredibly short of their goal for 2024 after seeing an immense amount of Disney+ and Hulu subscribers fleeing from price increases and woke liberal agendas. 

As previously covered by the DC Enquirer, the entertainment giant saw a massive stock collapse this year, seeing a 56 percent decline in value between March 2022 and August 2023. The drop represents a nine-year-low for the company, already painting a dire picture for the once indomitable juggernaut. 

But things are continuing to not go the Mouse’s way, seeing even more disappointments every day. Per Newsmax, Disney CEO Bob Chapek set a target in August of 2022 for there to be 215 million to 245 million subscribers for Disney by the end of 2024. It’s not going too well though as at the end of Q3 of 2023, the streaming service only had 146.1 million subscribers, just under 70 million shy of the goal set by Chapek.

A notable decline for the company comes from losing streaming rights to cricket in India, an immensely popular sport in the Asian country. That deal saw millions of foreign subscriptions ending, instantly setting the company back on its goal. 

With such major losses in subscriber numbers, Disney is looking to increase their profits one way or another. The company is increasing the ad-free version of Disney+ up to $14, up from its previous $11 price.

Ad-free Hulu, of which the Walt Disney Company holds a controlling stock of, is also planning on raising their streaming service by $3, now outpricing competitor Netflix for the same level of streaming package. 

Even with the price increases intending to make up for the lost profit, the loss of image is something that Disney will be taking years to recover. The media company isn’t looking to do any image repair soon either as the upcoming Snow White remake may prove to be one of the most controversial movies the giant has ever made.

Lead actress Rachel Zegler has been a media nightmare for the longstanding company, constantly attacking the brand of the classic Snow White. She’s torn apart essentially every aspect of the story, leaving no stone unturned in what experts are saying could very well ruin any chances the movie will succeed, per the DC Enquirer.

The company is also reportedly looking to get rid of the ABC television network, though an official statement from The Walt Disney Company says that they’ve made no official decisions about getting rid of ABC as of last week, per CNBC

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what a bunch of clowns, those woke yielding idiots, your all ready going broke because you went woke, now your going to raise your prices!?.....What a knee slapper!!!

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