WILD: DOJ Employees Demand Paid Time Off for Out-Of-State Abortions

Employees working for the Department of Justice (DOJ) submitted a letter to the Biden Administration on Wednesday demanding that the government grant paid time off for workers seeking to obtain out-of-state abortions.

The letter was sent by the Department of Justice Gender Equality Network (DOJ GEN) and specifically mentioned Texas and Mississippi for their restrictive laws on abortion. The letter cites the Administration allowing for paid leave to obtain COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, by extension, it should allow employees paid time off to those seeking abortions because it is “reproductive healthcare.”

“There are approximately 150,000 federal employees in Texas and Mississippi, where there is effectively no in-state abortion access today. There are another 227,000 federal employees in an additional 11 states with so-called ‘trigger laws’ where people will immediately lose in-state access to abortion care if the Supreme Court overturns the constitutional protection currently afforded to abortion.”

DOJ GEN claims that “this is a critical matter of gender equity and equality for the Department of Justice and the federal government.”

They go on to make this a race issue by saying, “we are also troubled by the disproportionate impact these restrictions on reproductive healthcare would have on employees of color, those who work in remote locations, and those from other marginalized communities.”

The pro-murder Guttmacher Institute agrees in that black women are more likely to have an abortion than any other demographic of women. They further this argument by laying the blame on higher rates of unintended pregnancies for black women.

The problem with their logic is that they attempt to separate sex from pregnancy as if one is not a potential ‘consequence’ of the other. The fact of the matter is that pregnancy is inseparable from sex and is an accepted possibility of sex in most circumstances.

Certainly, if the DOJ GEN wanted to protect minorities, then they would want to stop the senseless killing of their children. We already know that the vast majority of abortions are performed because of potential lifestyle changes and not the rape and incest strawmen arguments.

But apparently wanting to save preborn children from the ravages of abortion is racist and of great detriment to minority communities, whereas infanticide is how equality and equity are achieved. The rationale on that one is impeccable. Props to the DOJ GEN for this outstanding display of logic and ethics (sarcasm intended).

None of this considers that the people writing this letter essentially want more tax dollars going to the funding of abortions – an issue that is already heavily under fire with the funding of Planned Parenthood. It is delirious to expect Americans to fit the bill for individuals who want freedom from the consequences of their actions. Pro-abortion advocates want the government to ‘keep the law out of their bodies’ yet they want them to fund their abortions? Got it.

The absurd demands of the pro-murder crowd never seem to end and now the ones working for the government want their employer to pay for the consequences of their own actions. With any luck, Roe v. Wade will be overturned soon.

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