Donald Trump Has A Surprising Response To Tucker Carlson’s Interview Of Elon Musk

On Tuesday morning, 45th President and leading Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump gave an interesting response to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Elon Musk that took place the previous evening.

The president focused on a comment made by Musk where the billionaire said that he voted for Biden in the 2020 election and that he wants to see a moderate candidate in the White House in 2024.

In response to this, Trump said that Musk is attempting to save face with the Biden administration given that they hold considerable leverage against the billionaire and his various companies due to government grants and subsidies.

“I don’t believe Elon Musk voted for Biden, not for a minute!” Trump began. “He told me that he voted for me, but who knows about that, and who cares?”

“Elon is just trying to make friends with the absolutely horrible Biden Administration because of all the government subsidies he gets, and all the permits he needs,” Trump explained. “His space company, car company, battery company, tunnel company, and even Twitter, which was illegally controlled by the FBI, need government HELP & SUBSIDIES. HE IS JUST ‘MENDING FENCES!'”

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Carlson’s interview with Musk was consequential and led to various revelations about government overreach on Twitter and the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.


Musk explained that he got “more and more uneasy” about the Twitter situation saying that something felt wrong with the platform.

“My conversations with the board and management seemed to confirm my intuition about that. I was convinced that these guys do not care about fixing Twitter. I had a bad feeling about where it was headed based on my conversations with them,” he explained.

He said that the role and access of intelligence agencies on Twitter blew his mind including the infiltration of direct messages on the platform.

Musk went on to explain that Twitter will play a significant role in the upcoming elections. He said that the goal of the new Twitter is to be as fair and even-handed as possible.

Tucker went on to ask the billionaire why Facebook hasn’t pursued such a free speech direction with his company whereas Musk pointed out that Zuckerberg spent millions on behalf of Democrats in the last election.

The Twitter CEO then commented on the reinstating of 45th President Donald Trump saying that he has the option to return if he so chooses.

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