RINO Liz Cheney Is In The Hot Seat: Election Troubles Loom For Wyoming’s Lone Representative After Terrible Poll Results

Liz Cheney’s hope for being re-elected to serve a 4th term as Wyoming’s lone US House Representative appears to be in significant trouble. Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and Vice-Chair of the January 6th Commission, is facing a tough re-election battle in the state of Wyoming. Cheney, who was censured by the Wyoming Republican Party earlier last year for the vote to impeach President Trump, lost in a straw poll held by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee.

           Cheney, receiving only 6 votes, lost to Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman who received 59 votes in the secret ballot. Followed by Cheney in the straw poll is State Senator Anthony Bouchard with 2 votes and Denton Knapp with 1 vote. Cheney is endorsed by former President George W Bush, former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, two former Speakers of the House–Paul Ryan and John Boehner–and Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Hageman is endorsed by President Trump, Kentucky Senator Rand PaulDonald Trump Jr, and Corey Lewandowski.

           Hageman, an attorney, owns a ranch near Fort Laramie. According to a campaign video, Hageman’s family has lived in Wyoming since before statehood. Hageman has a “history of fighting for the people…and against federal agencies.” Hageman cites her experiences battling President Bill Clinton’s attempts to block access to ⅓ of national forest lands in Wyoming and blocking the EPA’s efforts to control Wyoming irrigation infrastructure operations. The Hageman campaign charges Cheney with “not knowing what riding for the brand means.” Riding for the brand, as explained in Hageman’s campaign video, means that you were loyal to the outfit–who hires and pays you. 

           On the issues, Hageman stands as an America-First conservative. She believes in deregulating the administrative state, supporting election integrity, controlling government spending, reining in the administrative state, and putting America first–securing our border, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, and ensuring energy independence. These are just a few examples of where Hageman stands on the issues.

           To note, the straw poll is an indication of party leadership support. At the end of the day, this is simply a poll, and the only poll that ultimately matters is the one on election day. That is why it is imperative that we support–with funding, advertisement, and actual votes–the patriots that are challenging these establishment RINO incumbents. It is important that we provide all the help we can give to these candidates

Cheney is not the only “Republican” that voted for impeachment that is receiving a primary challenge. Jaime Herrera Beutler from Washington is facing Trump-backed America First candidate Joe Kent. Tom Rice of South Carolina is facing a slew of primary challengers. Peter Meijer of Michigan is facing Trump endorsed John Gibbs. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, John Katko of New York, and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois have all announced their retirement. It’s time that we return to a citizen-led form of government, and it is time that we replace politicians with patriots.

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