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Tesla Founder and Space X CEO Elon Musk has made a magnificent turn towards liberty in the past year. He has stepped away from the Party of Obama and the Party of Biden. Of course, he still identifies himself as a moderate.

But his principles are more consistent with the Party of Lincoln. His change is real, it is radical, and it is profound.

That’s why he offered his support of a Republican for the first time in his life earlier this week. Resultantly, he has advocated a return to the principles upon which our country was founded.

As Conservatives, we value such motivations, even if we do not always agree with Musk’s manner of speech.

Now, he is not an American by birth. But that probably makes him better qualified to assess the beauty of the American system. And it is beautiful, true, and good. The liberals who run Facebook do not agree. But that’s their own lack of taste and nothing else.

The Democrats want to control Facebook because they know they will lose in a battle of the free exchange of ideas. Ironically, the liberals are not liberal, but the Republicans are. For the Republicans uphold the principles of Locke and Mill on free speech.

The Democrats are more authoritarian and even fascistic in how they operate. We have faith in the ability of rational agents to weigh ideas and come to their own conclusions. They do not.

Musk defended the Republican ideal in an all-hands meeting yesterday, leaked by Project Veritas. He argued free speech is “essential” to a functioning Democracy and that all political speech that’s legal and safe should be protected, no matter how radical.

He did advocate limiting the reach of unsafe speech — the examples included animal abuse content. But his message was clear — free speech is necessary. The media rarely gets the news correct enough for them to be the absolute arbiters of truth according to Musk.

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That’s why we need an unbiased Twitter that is open and free, not burdened by a partisan board of directors and overzealous employees.

Here are some of the highlights of the meeting, provided by Project Veritas: