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Elon Musk has not been silent since buying Twitter. The Left has continued to attack Musk, trying to force him to submit to their violent regime. But time after time, joust after joust, he has returned to fight for free speech unphased. And he has not backed down when confronted by Twitter alumni, those who made Twitter into the very real problem it is today.

He knows Twitter is too valuable of a thing to waste to the thought patterns of these unimaginative tech authoritarians. And he took action when a major tech authoritarian — Twitter’s former CEO — clapped back at Elon and the regime change he is shaping at this very moment.

Elon knows the Left is the real cause of all the wackiness behind the war against free speech. He knows conservatives and them alone will truly fight for America as established. And he, in this case, is dunking on the liberals in a totally epic way. To quote the often-repeated mantra, if the Left wants their own anti-free-speech platform, they should build their own network. Well, good luck to them.

But the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, went off on Musk for a totally absurd reason. Elon made a joke about one of Twitter’s Lawyers — Vijaya Gadde. And the former CEO was merciless in his reply:

The meme was essentially harmless. Here it is:

But the Democrats at Twitter were having none of it. They cannot take jokes — particularly harmless ones. For them, an attack on them is an attack on democracy. But ironically enough, the real challengers to democracy are not people like Elon Musk, but people like, you guessed it, former Twitter CEOs.

But Elon wasn’t going to let that reply be the end of the story. He clapped back in a totally savage way.

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Political neutrality is not important to the liberals who run social media companies. They will say such “neutrality” terminates in false parities. But that is not the case. Perhaps Elon will teach them all a lesson by creating a platform that is truly worth it for all parties who value dialogue.