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Tesla Co-Founder and Space-X CEO Elon Musk is back at it again. After vowing to buy Twitter last week, he has been the subject of countless insane leftist attacks. While Mr. Musk is no Conservative, he is a great admirer of free speech. That’s because he is a great admirer of democracies, which hinge upon the right of their citizens to speak their minds.

We do wish more non-conservative thought leaders would realize that great truth. Mr. Musk is no fascist, no right-wing conspiracy theorist. For that matter, neither is President Trump, although, if you listened to the mainstream media, you would have that impression.

Mr. Musk simply respects the right of all people, especially Americans, to voice their minds. He has opted against censorship wherever possible. We appreciate Elon Musk, and we think his bid to buy Twitter is a good one. That Twitter’s Board of Directors dislikes such a bid is more evidence Musk is making the right decision.

A board that would ban the sitting President of the United States is no friend of democracy. That Trump still has no presence on the platform is scary and unconscionable. Of course, Trump likely does not even wish to be on the platform anymore. Who could blame him? But it must be said, his presence on the platform was a net positive for the self-esteem of the nation.

He tweeted his share of mean tweets, but he also tweeted his share of true ones. Elon Musk is similar in that regard, which is why he has shown great affinity with the President.

That reads like a show of support for DJT’s right to stay on the platform. And Musk has the means to make it happen — if Twitter decides to do the right thing.

AsĀ Reuters reports, Elon has secured $46.5 billion in funds to buy Twitter. Besides his own 33-billion-dollar commitment, he has pushed Morgan Stanley to lend another $13 billion.

An offer like this could change things. It is also clearly in the best interest of Twitter to accept the offer. The question remains, however — is it in the best interest of Twitter’s board? No, and that might be the kicker.

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