“I Lost My Mind!” New Video Shows Enraged Anti-Freedom Man Lashing Out Against Freedom Convoy Truckers

Since the pandemic began, protests against tyranny have become a regular occurrence, but the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa Canada has brought protesting to a whole new level. Truckers from across Canada have been traveling to Ottawa in protest of the tyrannical mandates sweeping Canada.

The protestors have been toughing it out in freezing temperatures for days, honking their horns in protest and waiting for the government to hear their demands. That’s when a new video emerged of a man who decided to start yelling at some of the drivers. Thankfully, it was caught on video and is now circulating the internet.

The man is obviously enraged, as the video shows, and he starts yelling at one of the truckers “Get out of my F***ing city!” Thankfully, one of the truckers caught the altercation on camera. In the video, you can clearly hear the back and forth taking place. The enraged man realizes he’s on camera and storms over towards the filmer. He yells “Hey F*** you!” Then continues to yell at all the protestors, and you can hear him say “I lost my mind because I haven’t slept in five f***ing days!”. He then points his finger at the filmer and says “It has to F***ing stop!” The trucker replies to the enraged man “The honking will continue until freedom improves. Simple as that, Simple as that.” The angry man fires back “F*** You!” The filmer replies “F*** me?” and the man repeats himself saying “F*** You” And holds up his finger so the camera can catch it. The person filming tells him as he’s storming off “Join Us,” but it’s evident the angry man does not care about freedom.

These passionate truckers are in the city to promote freedom and oppose draconian mandates that violate individual liberties. This is just another encouraging example of people throughout the world who desire to have their freedoms back. Although this video captures a nasty altercation between an angry man and the truckers, it goes to show just how much the truck drivers care about their message.

It will be interesting to see how long this goes on as the truck drivers continue to fight back against the tyranny that has swept Canada. These pro-freedom rallies will surely go down in history.

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